Application Process

The Whitaker Family Foundation seeks to keep its application process as simple as possible, beginning with an initial Letter of Inquiry, following up, if applicable, with a formal Grant Application.

Letter of Inquiry

The Letter of Inquiry is reviewed to determine if the proposal is within the areas of interest of the Whitaker Family Foundation.

The Letter of Inquiry may be sent at any time and should include general information about the organization applying and a brief description of the proposed project.

The Letter should be signed by an officer with authority to sign on behalf of the organization and should include a preliminary budget for the proposed project.

We strive to acknowledge the Inquiries in a timely manner and you should receive a receipt of acknowledgment within three (3) weeks of submission.


Grant Application

If the project described in the Letter of Inquiry is consistent with the interests of the Whitaker Family Foundation, the applicant will be asked to prepare and submit a Grant Application.

The Applicant must include:

  • a full description of the project;
  • the project’s timeframe;
  • anticipated outcomes and measures of success;
  • evaluation of the project;
  • the total budget for the project and the amount requested from the Foundation;
  • other existing or potential sources of funding, including in-kind as well as financial support from the Applicant and other participating institutes;
  • and other relevant information about the Applicant.An Applicant must demonstrate a convincing fit with the program’s goals and show how the project emerges from interests and work already in progress.

The Application must be accompanied by supporting documents, including the Applicant’s IRS tax-exemption letter, a list of current trustees and most recent audited financial statements.

In addition to the submission of a full proposal, we may also request additional information or a site visit during the application process.