Our Programs

The Whitaker Family Foundation is focused primarily on supporting childhood and adolescent healthcare and education.

Established in December 2014 by and among the family members of the late C. Don Whitaker and his wife, L. Pauline Whitaker, the Foundation builds upon the philanthropic vision of the Whitaker family, seeking to raise public awareness and create funding to support medical and scientific research into the causes of and cures for children diagnosed with chronic or serious medical conditions.

The Foundation funds medical research and clinical research trials in the areas of children’s health, wellness and disease prevention.

The Whitaker Family Foundation endeavors to build a legacy for the future by also supporting and promoting improved and meaningful social, economic and emotional engagement and education for today’s youth.

The Whitaker family has given support to such organizations as the following:

Visit our Grant Reports page to see a list of recent recipients.

If you feel that your non-profit organization may fit within the Whitaker Family Foundation’s areas of interest, you may submit a formal Letter of Inquiry.